Arena Rock All-Stars press kit

This page provides promotional materials for the Denver areas best 80’s hard rock cover band, the Arena Rock All-Stars (ARAS). 

There are various resolutions and packages of logos, photos and ready-made posters that are meant to be used for printed and online promotional materials.  For each of these, you can click on the link and it will open in another tab.  You can then right click and select “Save As” to save the file to your computer.  All content is copyright 2015-2018 by Arena Rock All-Stars, all rights reserved.  A use right is granted for any collateral (e.g. venue web site, posters, newsletters) related to an Arena Rock All-Stars concert.  Any other usage requires explicit permission.

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About Arena Rock All-Stars

Band overview, history, and full booking and contact information

Stage Plot

For sound engineers, this page lists the typically layout of our stage with information on our mixing board channel requirements


These are just a few testimonials taken from Facebook.  More are added with every gig, see for yourself:

Videos on Facebook

Note that all current videos we have are low quality, taken from peoples cell phones.  You need to see the band live to truly get a feel…



Poster with white box (pdf)

Ready made poster with white-box at the bottom.  The idea is that you can print it and simply hand-write concert date/time on the bottom. PDF’s should be printable from any computer with a color printer

Poster with white box (svg)

Scalable Vector Graphics file (svg) of the poster above. If you want to edit the poster this is the file to use as it should be editable in any graphics software (it was created using Inkscape).  You can for example delete the white box and insert your venue logo and concert date/time info.



Small Logo 200x153 PNG

Small format logo with transparent background

Medium logo 753x584 PNG

Medium format logo with transparent background

Large logo 3177x2433 PNG

Largest format logo with transparent background

Logo source (SVG)

Scalable Vector Graphics version of the logo which can be arbitrarily resized at full resolution.

Banner with URL source (SVG)

Scalable Vector Graphics version that was used for the ARAS banner.  Logo with black background and URL on the top.


Promo Photos

Band photo 2040x2010 JPG

Promo photo of the band

Band photo posterized 1752x1813 PNG

Posterized/limited color version of the band photo with transparent background.

Band photo transparent 1875x1848

Photo of the band extracted with transparent background.  You can use this to put the band over the top of some other image for example.


Live photos

@Cheers 5422x2452 , 1024x463

Great full resolution shot of the band with full venue lighting

Evergreen Lake Concert 2018


EPRD Summer concert series


Frederick Balloon Festival


Little Bear




Parker Days


Q’s Tavern


Taste of Colorado